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Chakra Alignment Necklace

Chakra Alignment Necklace

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The Chakra Alignment Necklace is a delicate piece, intricately crafted with natural gemstones like Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Aquamarine, Green Aventurine, Tiger Eye, Orange Stone, and Red Agate. Each stone is connected by a braided cord, forming a cascading pendant that represents the alignment of all chakras.

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Braided Cord Color

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  • Chain length: 50+5cm
  • Chain: Zinc alloy
  • Pendant Size: 7.8cm
  • Natural stones: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Aquamarine, Green Aventurine, Tiger Eye, Orange Stone, Red Agate
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  • The Crown Chakra SAHASRARA

    Crown Chakra : SAHASRARA

    Knowledge, Consciousness, Fulfillment, Spirituality

    "I Understand"

  • Third Eye Chakra : AJNA

    Third Eye Chakra : AJNA

    Intuition, Lucidity, Meditation, Trust

    "I See"

  • Throat Chakra : VISHUDDHA

    Throat Chakra : VISHUDDHA

    Communication, Expression, Creativity, Inspiration

    "I Talk"

  • Hear Chakra : ANAHATA

    Heart Chakra : ANAHATA

    Acceptance, Love, Compassion, Sincerity

    "I Love"

  • Solar Plexus Chakra : MANIPURA

    Solar Plexus Chakra : MANIPURA

    Strength, Personality, Power, Determination

    "I Do"

  • Sacral Chakra : SVADHISHTHANA

    Sacral Chakra : SVADHISHTHANA

    Sensuality, Sexuality, Pleasure, Sociability

    "I Feel"

  • Root Chakra : MULADHARA

    Root Chakra : MULADHARA

    Energy, Stability, Comfort, Safety

    "I Am"

7 Chakra Alignment Necklace

Which Gemstones Are Used in This Chakra Alignment Necklace, and How Do They Correspond to Different Chakras?

This Chakra Alignment Necklace is designed with seven unique gemstones, each resonating with a different chakra. Amethyst aligns with the Crown Chakra, Lapis Lazuli with the Third Eye, Blue Aquamarine with the Throat, Green Aventurine with the Heart, Tiger Eye with the Solar Plexus, Orange Stone with the Sacral, and Red Agate with the Root Chakra.

How Should the Chakra Alignment Necklace Be Worn or Used for Optimal Alignment and Healing?

Wearing the Chakra Alignment Necklace close to the heart helps in attuning the body's energy centers. For optimal alignment, it is adbvisable to cleanse the necklace regularly and set an intention for healing and balance.