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Chakra Lava Bracelet

Chakra Lava Bracelet

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Lava Chakra Bracelet - Channel the Power of Earth & Spirit

Immerse yourself in the divine combination of the Earth's core and the universe's energy. Our Chakra Lava Bracelet is meticulously crafted with lava stone beads, ideal for essential oil infusions. Interspersed with these are seven vibrant beads, each representing a distinct chakra.

If this spiritual piece speaks to your soul, explore further with the Authentic Chakra Bracelet from our wide Chakra Bracelets Collection.

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  • The Crown Chakra SAHASRARA

    Crown Chakra : SAHASRARA

    Knowledge, Consciousness, Fulfillment, Spirituality

    "I Understand"

  • Third Eye Chakra : AJNA

    Third Eye Chakra : AJNA

    Intuition, Lucidity, Meditation, Trust

    "I See"

  • Throat Chakra : VISHUDDHA

    Throat Chakra : VISHUDDHA

    Communication, Expression, Creativity, Inspiration

    "I Talk"

  • Hear Chakra : ANAHATA

    Heart Chakra : ANAHATA

    Acceptance, Love, Compassion, Sincerity

    "I Love"

  • Solar Plexus Chakra : MANIPURA

    Solar Plexus Chakra : MANIPURA

    Strength, Personality, Power, Determination

    "I Do"

  • Sacral Chakra : SVADHISHTHANA

    Sacral Chakra : SVADHISHTHANA

    Sensuality, Sexuality, Pleasure, Sociability

    "I Feel"

  • Root Chakra : MULADHARA

    Root Chakra : MULADHARA

    Energy, Stability, Comfort, Safety

    "I Am"

Lava Chakra Bracelet Meaning

Lava Chakra Bracelet Meaning

Lava stone, a grounding force, connects you to Mother Earth, providing strength and courage. When fused with the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils, it amplifies emotional balance. Coupled with the energetic properties of the chakra beads, this bracelet promises holistic healing.