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Glow In The Dark Dream Catcher

Glow In The Dark Dream Catcher

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Glow In The Dark Dream Catcher Description

The Glow In The Dark Dream Catcher is an enchanting and mystical piece that lights up the night with its luminous beauty. It features a metal ring wrapped in cotton thread, with feathers that absorb light during the day to emit a soft glow when darkness falls. This dream catcher merges the protective traditions of the Native American talisman with a touch of modern glow-in-the-dark technology, adding both charm and functionality to your nighttime retreat.

If the otherworldly luminescence of the Glow In The Dark Dream Catcher captures your imagination, the radiant Yellow Dream Catcher from our Dream Catchers Collection is sure to brighten your space with its sunny hues and cheerful energy.

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  • Diameter: 6.3” / 16 cm
  • Length: 23.6” / 60 cm
  • Materials: Metal Ring, Cotton Thread, Feathers
  • Dimensions are measured by hand. Please allow for slight variations.
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Glow In The Dark Dream Catcher

Benefits of the Glow In The Dark Dream Catcher

This unique dream catcher is believed to work as a night light, providing a gentle and soothing presence that can enhance the quality of sleep. The glowing elements are seen as guides through the dream world, offering comfort and security throughout the night.

Spiritual Essence of the Glow In The Dark Dream Catcher

In many cultures, light represents knowledge and consciousness. The Glow In The Dark Dream Catcher acts as a beacon in the night, representing spiritual guidance and the illumination of one's inner truth, aiding in clarity and insight into the dream realm.

Care and Maintenance Instructions

  • Expose to bright light during the day to activate the glow-in-the-dark feature.
  • Dust gently with a soft cloth to maintain the clean, ethereal appearance.
  • Keep away from moisture and wet conditions to protect the materials.
  • Handle the feathers and ring with care to preserve the dream catcher's form and function.
Ojibwe Dream Catcher

Dream Catchers: Guardians of Positive Energy and Peace

Dream catchers, iconic artifacts of the Native American Ojibwe tribe, hold a wealth of benefits beyond their aesthetic appeal. Primarily, they serve as sleep guardians, filtering out negative dreams to let only the positive ones reach the sleeper. Furthermore, they are symbols of good energy, turning any space they grace into a sanctuary of positivity and tranquility.