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Rainbow Dream Catcher

Rainbow Dream Catcher

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Rainbow Dream Catcher Description

The Rainbow Dream Catcher is a kaleidoscopic wonder, vibrant with the full spectrum of colors. It boasts a large 40cm diameter, woven with cotton thread and embellished with wooden beads, from which dangle natural feathers dyed in a cascade of rainbow hues. This dream catcher is not only a pop of color but a bold statement of joy and creativity in any room.

If the vivid splendor of the Rainbow Dream Catcher captures your imagination, the ethereal beauty of our White Dream Catcher from our Dream Catchers Collection is sure to appeal as a serene and pure addition to your space.

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  • Diameter: 15.7” / 40 cm
  • Length: 47.2” / 120 cm
  • Materials: Cotton Thread, Wooden Beads, Natural Feathers
  • Dimensions are measured by hand. Please allow for slight variations.
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Rainbow Dream Catcher

Benefits of the Rainbow Dream Catcher

Hanging a Rainbow Dream Catcher in your space is said to attract a spectrum of positive energies, mirroring the joy and hope a rainbow signifies. It's believed to be a beacon for good fortune and happy dreams, making it a perfect gift for those seeking a splash of cheer in their lives.

Spiritual Essence of the Rainbow Dream Catcher

The Rainbow Dream Catcher embodies the promise of potential and the abundance of the universe. With its myriad colors, it represents life's diversity and serves as a reminder to embrace one’s own path with optimism and openness.

Care and Maintenance Instructions

  • Dust gently to preserve the vibrancy of the feathers.
  • Avoid water and direct sunlight to protect the colors and materials.
  • Hang in a space where it can move freely to avoid tangling.
  • Treat it as a delicate piece to maintain the structure and beads.
Ojibwe Dream Catcher

Dream Catchers: Guardians of Positive Energy and Peace

Dream catchers, iconic artifacts of the Native American Ojibwe tribe, hold a wealth of benefits beyond their aesthetic appeal. Primarily, they serve as sleep guardians, filtering out negative dreams to let only the positive ones reach the sleeper. Furthermore, they are symbols of good energy, turning any space they grace into a sanctuary of positivity and tranquility.